Drilling Waste Management

Providing Specialist Drilling Waste Management Services


Ejovi Group is a leading specialist in Marine Waste Disposal and collects all types of MARPOL (Marine Pollution) waste.

With a range of specialised equipment and vehicles to facilitate a wide range of services, our operations provides safe, reliable, professional collection, recovery, recycling, treatment, storage & disposal services to some of the world’s largest Oil Exploration and Shipping companies.

Some of our equipments include:

  • Oil-based Mud Cuttings Dryer and Screw Conveyors (augers)
  • Centrifuges, Mono(screw) Pumps, Thermal Desorption Unit (TDU), Shale Shakers And Hi-gravity Dryers
  • Mud Storage Tanks
  • Dewatering centrifuge in operation

Our services include:

  • Solids Control operations
  • 24 hour emergency response service
  • Motorised barges for waterside and large volume collections
  • Drilling Waste Management and In-house technical support
  • Location site Reclamation and Drilling location Site Cleaning
  • Aqueous and oil waste collection, treatment and disposal
  • Garbage waste and hazardous waste collection and disposal
  • Bilge and tank cleaning services
  • Tank cleaning and decontamination of cargo tanks
  • Dry oil contaminated waste collection (e.g absorbents, rags and booms)
  • Service to all ports and wharfs across the Nigeria
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