Ejovi Dredging and Marine

Drilling Fluid Services

Tailored Drilling solutions to increase recovery and lower costs

Drilling Fluid Services

We comprise a team of highly experienced and frequently trained drilling fluids engineers always abreast with industry changes. This experience has impacted significantly on our reservoir drilling with drill-in fluids with ESS system and well bore cleaning technology.

With all these in place, we design drilling programs that increase recoveries and lowers costs by minimizing non-productive time. This results in boosting production rates and requirement of smaller capital expenditures. Our solutions include: liquid mud, brine, dry bulk and blending plants.

Amongst our services include:

  • Solid Control Equipment Rental and Services
  • Drilling Rig Oilfield Logistics Support Services
  • Vessel and Tank Cleaning Services
  • Well Completion Service and Workover Fluids
  • Well Testing Services and Provision Of Mud Equipment
  • Mud Plant Provision and Chemicals and Engineering Services.