Marine Security

Securing the Nigerian Marine Waterways


We support Shipping Companies and Vessel owners with security advice and risk management solutions. Our objective is to always provide rapid deployment and deliver the highest quality of services and maritime security teams.

Our Maritime Security services include:

  • Provision of Security Vessels and Gun Boats
  • Offshore oilfield protection and surveillance.
  • Armed security escort (both swamp and deep offshore).
  • Harbor terminal security surveillance and protection.
  • Provision of safe anchorages within the channels.
  • Community security surveillance for high value assets around/within riverine communities.
  • Covert maritime intelligence gathering and reporting.
  • Safe marine transportation of materials and personnel tooffshore platforms and locations.
  • Search and rescue operations.
  • Port Facility, Ship Security Surveys/Audits and Assessments.
  • Design & implementation of security plans.
  • Tailored maritime security solution designed to meet client’s needs

Based on our values and ethics, We implement best practice industry standards, IMO regulations and guidelines to always operate in line with national and international ship owner’s instructions, flag- and port state regulations. Our maritime clients and security teams are supported 24/7 by Ejovi Operations Centre for logistics, communication, tracking and intelligence.

We take time out to gather exact intelligence and deploy quality response to protect client assets offshore or in-transit operations.

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