Marine Support Services

Delivering best-in-class Marine Support Services

Marine Support Services

EDM has been working in the field of Marine for over 30 years and has grown tremendously in experience to undertake maritime projects in the most hostile of environments. With a highly experienced team, we provide expert services ranging from principal contracting to specialist sub – contract works.

We operate with a high regard to Health and Safety, with our entire workforce and management trained to high safety standards. In the offshore construction environment, we constantly have to assess risk and ensure we are well placed to manage these risks.

Headquartered in the Niger Delta city of Warri, EDM undertakes Marine contracts across Nigeria. With our Wharf Jetty located in Udu, Warri and providing an ideal base from which to mobilize and coordinate Marine Construction work, as well as giving convenient access to continental waterways.

Our solutions span across a wide range of Marine Engineering support services.


We provide our clients various Marine Vessels. They include:

  • Landing Craft
  • Speed Boat
  • Tugboats
  • Barges – Flat Top, Dumb, Work Barge, Pipe Laying Barge, Coral Barge, Waste Management Barge, Ramp barge, Water Barge, Fuel Barge, Muster barge, etc.
  • House Boats – 80-man, 100-man.
  • Speed boats
  • Multicat Work boat
  • Supply Vessels (DP & Non-DP)
  • Platform Support Vessels (DP-2)
  • Diving Support Vessels
  • Security Vessels
  • Fast Support Intervention Vessels (FSIV)
  • Crew Boat/Vessels
  • Jack Up Barges
  • Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS)
  • Anchor Handling Tug (AHT)

Staying within our core functions of transport and cranage, Rig Move Services are firmly within our field of expertise. We customize the rig move with specialized equipment to meet the unique and changing demands of today’s rigs.

We start the process by conducting a rig road survey where we identify and document the most ideal route. Next we pinpoint areas along the route of concern prior to release. Upon release we work to move the rig to the new location in the shortest period of time knowing that time is of the essence. All equipment and personnel on the rig are certified, qualified and experienced in their job and work as a team to move the rig in the shortest time frame with safety as a top priority.

EDM offers Jetty and Ancillary support services to support our client’s operation.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, skilled personnel, and adherence to industrial standards and regulations, ensure that all our operations are free from incidents and inline with global best practice.

Our facilities are located both in Warri and Port Harcourt to ensure quick response to our clients demands at the shortest notice.

Our support facilities are Located at:


  • Total Water Frontage: 1 km
  • Lay down Area: 20,000 sq. m
  • Cranes/Lifting Equipment
  • Main Stores/Warehouse: 3,000 sq. m
  • Fabrication Workshop: 3,456 sq.m
  • Machine Shop: 2,000 sq. m
  • Main Jetty: 70m Length
  • Jetty Draft: 6.5m
  • Main jetty Loading Area: 43 sq. m.
  • Slipway: 80m x 17m
  • Power Supply: NEPA and Standby Generators

Fabrication Yard Area:

  • Covered: 360 sq. m
  • Uncovered: 4050 sq. m
  • Jetty Length: 40m
  • Slipway: 30m x 18m
  • Jetty Draft: 6m


  • Warehouse: 1,400 sq. m
  • Laydown Area Paved: 2500 sq. m
  • Jetty Draft: 7m
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