Pipeline Installation & Maintenance

Providing superb Pipeline Installation & Maintenance solutions


We have a powerful track record of applying the right technology with qualified personnel to provide predictable cost estimates and schedules while striving to manage risks and safety requirements to client expectations.

Our delivery success is based on building and evolving expertise in our core business areas and building long-term relationships with our clients. We support the engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of offshore and onshore pipelines, including associated facilities such as compressor, pump and metering/regulator stations.

We offer the following specialized services:

  • Provision of DP3 Offshore Construction, Accommodation & Hook up vessel
  • Provision of DP3 Pipelay Offshore Construction, Accommodation & Hook up vessel
  • Design of pipelines
  • Pipe laying
  • Pipe installations and commissioning
  • Underwater pipeline installation
  • Pipe rehabilitation
  • Replacement of pipes and fitting
  • Welds testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Stabilization works
  • Loading gantry piping
  • Pipe servicing and pipe maintenance works for mid-stream, downstream oil and gas industries.
  • Flow station Maintenance
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